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Business Transformation

25 years of experience within APAC and Central Asia

“The world as we operate it today is in a constant state of flux. Disruption to the business environment has become a common term. There is therefore the overwhelming need to redefine, reengineer and reimagine a future centric organization. The drive for a new future, not only underlies the basis of organizational sustainability, but more importantly it’s the very pillar for on going organizational survivability. The new operating model which supports the transformation of the business is only workable with the effective management of talent. And within this space lies the positive impact of the digital economy on very heart of the organization. A new way of thinking, approaching challenges before us, resolving and working around the same will have a significant impact on how organization perform with each other but also on its unique role within the larger ecosystem that it operates in.”

Taranjeet Singh. An experienced professional with over two and a half decades of experience in the Consulting World. Highly experienced in the areas of Business and Organizational Transformation to enhance organizational efficiencies, performance and productivity improvement, value realization, leadership and cultural assessment, strategic planning, and employee engagement exercises to name a few. Taranjeet has also had hands on experiences in Due Diligence and M&A work, as well as large scale Business Turnaround.

Taranjeet has held senior management positions in KornFerry HayGroup within Malaysia, South East Asia and the Republic of Kazakhstan; Hewitt Associates as the Talent and Leadership Leader within South East Asia; Mercatela as Director of the Transformation Practice; and PricewaterHouseCoopers as a Managing Consultant in the Corporate Finance and Restructuring Practice. In recent times, Taranjeet assumed the role of External Consultant to the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Kazakhstan. His concluded his professional stint in Central Asia as General Manager of KornFerry HayGroup Kazakhstan, where he oversaw the operations of the Office, Client Management and service delivery as well as oversaw the P&L of the Country

The sectors he has covered range from Aviation, Banking, Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Fast Moving Consumer Goods to name a few. He is a charted fellow from the chartered management institute, UK as well as from the Australia Institute of Manager & Leaders; Certified Executive Master Coach with the ICF; A certified global practitioner of organisational network analytics, USA; Certified Practioner for the DISC, which he has successfully applied for Executive Coaching, Leadership Conflict Resolution and Talent Development to name a few. Taranjeet holds a Masters of Business Administration (UK), Master of Laws (Aust) and a Joint Honours Degree in Computer Science & Law (UK).


Adil Nurgozhin

Financial & Investment Management
15 years of experience in Central Asia, USA, Russian Federation, APAC

“Astute financial and investment management will be critical to the future success of any organization. This becomes even more apparent when viewed from a perspective of local growth and/or regional expansion. The need to understand and appreciate the nuances of regional and global finance and investment takes on an even more impactful role with the development and maturity growth of the organization.

Having access to accurate, unbiased and reliable advice on this front is critical to organizational sustainability. Regional expansion whether in Asia Pacific or Central Asia brings with it financial nuances which, if not fully understood will have dire ramifications for the business.

It is therefore important that this component of financial advisory management is done right at the first time.”

Adil Nurgozhin. Experienced in the areas of investment management and business consulting within Central Asia, Adil has held senior managerial positions at the National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazynaand RFCA. He is a serial entrepreneur and business angel, with a deep knowledge of the Central Asian market. He is a shareholder in the social network Moomkin.com, pharmacy network “Центральная аптека”, the company Amir Watches as well as a variety of other technology based startups. More recently Adil has assumed the role of Global Partner of I2BF Global Ventures and is the Country Head of Kazakhstan of VTB Capital -I2BF Innovation Partners.

Adil has over 15 years of experience in various fields, including business development, consulting and investment within Central Asia, Turkey, Asia Pacific, USA and the Russian Federation.

He has a degree in International Law, a Masters of Business Administration and Masters in Public Administration from the University of Montana, USA.


Peggy Liew

Organization Reward, Job Measurement and Incentive Planning
20 years of experience within ASEAN and APAC

“The structure of the organization, the criticality of its future centric roles and the positive implication to its rewards structure is crucial to ensuring that any strategic plans are executed successfully. The importance of having the right size and weight of roles to support the organization is key to success.

At QSA, we pride ourselves in our thorough understanding and appreciation of future centric jobs and how talent is to be treated and rewarded to ensure organizational survivability in what is already a disruptive business environment.”

Peggy Liew. A trusted and distinguished Human Capital practitioner of over 20 years of operations and consulting experience, specialises in total reward management practice with a key focus on organization structure design, performance management, competency development, assessment and coaching. Peggy has had distinguished working relationships with a variety of clients including Axiata, Celcom, Dialog, Petronas, SimeDarby and many more.

Peggy has had tremendous experience working on national and regional engagements whilst with Hay Group Malaysia, and prior to that with Towers Wyatt as well as Accenture for several years, supporting clients implementing reward strategies and performance management systems.

In recent years, Peggy has assumed the position of Partner and Managing Consultant of People Link Consulting. Her work now spans not only within Malaysia but also pan ASEAN in nature.

Peggy is a Certified Associate Coach with International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a Certified KPI Professional with the KPI Institute. Peggy is an Accredited Expert Coder for Behavioural Competency and has been trained on Behavioural Event Interviews. She is also accredited to conduct Jigsaw@Work in Malaysia. To support her in the areas of role redefinition as well as linking this to pay, Peggy is a proponent and a well regarded expert in the Job Evaluation

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Resource Economics from University Putra Malaysia.


Prof Sattar Bawany

Future Centric Jobs in a disruptive IR4.0 environment

30 years of experience within APAC and Globally

“The world is ablaze today with constant change, disruption and innovation and this is reflective and personified in the IR4 that we are all embroiled in.

And failure to adequately predict or foresee the future and its implications on the leadership team of any organization will have dire consequences to its future sustainability and financial success.

QSA in close collaboration with a renown and globally acknowledged expert brings to the table as part of its integrated service offering a unique perspective to what it takes to rise to meet the leadership challenges of the future head on.”

Professor Sattar Bawany. A thought leader, a trend spotter and a disruptive thinker in his own right has over 30 years of international business management experience, including in areas of C-Suite and Executive Coaching, and leadership development.

Having clarity of thought of what it takes to meet head on the changes of tomorrow and adequately prepare the leadership team with the arsenal needed to sustain itself against the proverbial on-slaught of very different technical and business model changes that are taking place in todays world, Prof Bawany is especially skilled at supporting senior executives work through leadership reframing, whether individually or systemically

Commencing his career in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, and operations, Prof Bawany then transitioned into the professional services and management consulting industry for over 20 years having assumed various senior management roles. Being a trusted advisor and coach as well as having an intimate understanding of the disruption that IR4 brings with it to the type of roles, expectations and future thinking required Prof Bawany is well positioned to support organizations in its drive towards future financial and operational sustainability. Recently, he was awarded the “Executive of the Year – Human Resource Consulting” at the Singapore Business Review Management Excellent Awards 2019.

Prof Bawany is also an accomplished author and has published extensive series of articles on related topics such as Talent Management and Leadership Transition, including a Chapter on “Maximizing the Potential of Future Leader” in the Book “Coaching in Asia the First Decade” . His latest book on “Transforming NextGen Leaders: Meeting the Leadership Challenges in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” was recently published in July 2019, and “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (2020) focusing predominantly on the challenges arising from the CoVid-19 Pandemic and how best to address them. He is also a Practising Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and International Association of Coaching (IAC).

He holds an Executive MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA and a Bachelor in Business Administration (Marketing) from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.


Sharma Lachu

Talent Profiling through a Talent Intelligence Platform

17 years of experience within APAC

“The need for a through understanding of where talent resides on the talent inventory matrix supports the overarching drive towards organizational sustainability.

Ensuring that the talent pool is well managed is critical for success. To support this area of talent management is the all important space of talent assessment.

At QSA, we recognise the need to be able to quickly yet pragmatically assess the talent pool within the organization. This not only sets the platform for talent development programs and subsequently talent planning exercises, but it also allows the basis of the all important area of organization productivity management and workforce planning.”

Sharma Lachu spent close to a decade in Australia before returning to Malaysia. During his time in Sydney, Sharma worked for some of the largest HR consulting and Technology firms and was in-charged of state-of-the-art HR technologies and integrations in the space of Talent Measurement.

In his 17-year experience in the industry, Sharma has had the opportunity to work on HR Technology and Talent Measurement projects in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India.
Since his move back to Malaysia, Sharma has been on an insatiable mission to elevate the level playing field of ASEAN companies in the use of strategic HR Tech and People Measurement.

Sharma has had the privilege to work on some of Malaysia’s most exciting Talent Transformation projects from Malaysia Airlines to Axiata. In leading Accendo, Sharma has been focused on pushing the boundaries on traditional stigmas for Talent Assessment. He has been instrumental in crafting a unique and data enriched AI driven human capital platform which focuses on attracting, assessing, aligning, developing and retaining talent within any organization and any sector.
Sharma graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and University Technology of Sydney and has a Level A & B certification from the prestigious British Psychological Society.


Cheoi Ling Goh

Curricula Design and Delivery

30 years of experience within APAC

“Once the talent pool has been effectively assessed within the organization, there is an overwhelming need to ensure that they are adequately developed to either further enhance their strengths or mitigate any “gaps” that may be present. The need for a sound curriculum which is customized to the specific talent requirements and strategic demands of the organization is essential for future organizational success. This must in turn be followed up with excellent development of content and an outstanding delivery of materials. QSA fully appreciates the value of such a factor on future organizational success and have a sound, experienced people develope as an Expert on our Panel.”

Cheoi Ling Goh. Cheoi Ling is a well-seasoned people developer. Her business-cum-people experience spans 29 years, specialising in designing and driving business relevant learning curricula. A well-designed curriculum drives the learning agenda, producing holistic development so that talent are able to capably and effectively assume their roles and realise their full potential. At the organisational level, it strengthens talent retention and attraction.

Cheoi Ling has had tremendous experience in working with stakeholders across the Asia Pacific, UK, Europe and Americas to design the curricula and activate them through varied forms, one being a learning academy. To date, she has helmed at least 10 learning academies (ranging from 100 to 500 participants per academy) over a 10 year duration, both locally and regionally. They target the development of talents across all levels from milestone to leadership programmes, addressing capability building in both technical and non-technical competencies. These curricula fulfilled her clients’ agenda for business growth and consistency in delivering the organisation’s brand promise of adding value to both its clients and people.

During the course of her work, Cheoi Ling was the Learning & Development Leader for PwC Advisory business unit, both local within Malaysia as well as at an Asia Pacific level. An accountant by profession (CPA Australia), Cheoi Ling is also a Certified Associate Coach, a HRDF Certified Trainer and a Certified EQ practitioner with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence network.

Today, Cheoi Ling is a Senior Partner of Takecharge Asia PLT, a firm which focuses on people development consultancy that concentrates on customising end-to-end people development solutions.


Kevin Yong

Recruitment & Selection

17 years of experience within South East Asia and Mid East

“There will be instances where the recruitment of external key talent is the only way forward for the organization. The “importation” of such talent from outside the organization will not only add new valuable and different mindsets and ways of doing things, but it will also disrupt the status quo from within. To this end, QSA understands that a great recruiter who primarily focuses on the top team selection provides an invaluable service to any organization as it strives for future success.”

Kevin Yong. Kevin is a highly experienced recruiter with well over 17 years of experience in this area of Executive Search. Over the past decade and a half of being in this area, Kevin has gone beyond advising clients on recruitment practices, but has also assisted in providing ideas and strategies to ensure the successful selection and subsequent retention of key talent in organizations.

Kevin has extensive experience in senior talent searches in a variety of industries as Aviation, Automotive, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, GLCs, FMCG, Property Construction and Developments, Plantations, Mining and Educations. He has frequently consulted Board members and Directors in the identification, assessment and finally effective management of the placements of Senior Managers to C-Suite positions. Kevin is a graduate from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) with a Degree in Marketing and has held several key positions in the IT hardware and Executive Search industries respectively. Kevin was the Head of Branches for an IT Hardware company before joining Management Recruiter International and SolomannConsulting Ltd in Hong Kong as the Regional Consultant servicing clients in the areas of Aviation, Automotive, Banking and Finance, GLCs and FMCG.

Kevin is the founder and CEO of Optimus Consulting, a boutique Executive Search Firm with coverage across South East Asia and the Middle East.


Koh Mui Han

Change Management

16 years of experience within South East Asia

“The effective management of change has become a key factor in the successful roll out of any new initiative within the organization. From our vast experiences in large scale transformation or even the perceived simple roll out of a new competency framework within an organization, the management of employees’ and other stakeholder perception is critically important. A planful approach to how organizational change is crafted and subsequently implemented, will mean the difference between future success and possible failure. QSA fully understands this as well as the rigour that is required to ensure the formation of a robust and well thought out change management plan of action.”

Koh Mui Han. Mui Han’s career in the area of consulting spans over 16 years. Mui Han has assumed senior roles in PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services as well as in SRW&Co Asia, a regional firm specialised in the area of Organization Development.

As a business consultant, Mui Han has been predominantly focused in the areas of Change Management and Performance Management and has proven success in driving corporate objectives by identifying and leveraging innovative strategies and existing resources to enhance organizational performance, align strategy, enhance productivity, reduce costs and maximize profits. Mui Han works with organizations on the implementation of results-based leadership initiatives using the Design Thinking Framework.

In recent years, Mui Han assumed the role of Principal Consultant for ChangeDynamicsConsulting, and specialises in the area of managing change within an organization.


Dharmen Sivalingam

Labour Law & Industrial Relations

22 years of experience within South East Asia

“At QSA, we fully recognise that the complexity of the business environment that we see today requires navigation with almost surgical precision. A complete understanding of the Law and specifically Labour Law is critical in ensuring that the right decisions are made at the right time and in the right manner so as not to fall foul of the authorities concerned. Failure to do so will possibly have severe negative implications on not only the enterprise, but also the its brand value in the market place. To this end, a noted Expert on the Panel brings with him over 20 years of practical and pragmatic experiences in the complex area of Labour Law.”

Dharmen Sivalingam. Dharmen is a senior legal practitioner who is a specialist in the area of Employment Law and Industrial Relations. With a career spanning over 22 years, Dharmen has advised various employers in a variety of industries, whether it be Aviation, Oil & Gas, Shipping & Logistics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Finance & Insurance to name a few. An engaging trainer, he has trained more than 5,000 people in various aspects of Industrial Relations/ Employee Relations/ Employment laws and has been invited to speak at many forums in and around Asia Pacific. As an Expert in the field, not only is Dharmen an eminent Legal Practitioner in his own right, but also the Head of the Human Resource Stream for the Malaysian International Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MICCI). During his term with Shell Malaysia’s downstream operations, he was also commended for successfully overseeing the quickest Collective Agreement negotiations as in-house IR representative. Dharmen had an early start in the legal world as he was the youngest Legal Editor during his tenure at the Malaysian Current Law Journal.

Dharmen is a graduate of Law from HELP University, Malaysia and a Legal Practitioner at the High Court of Malaya. He has held a variety of senior positions with eminent companies in Malaysia and is now the Managing Partner of M/s Dharmen Sivalingam & Partners.


Sreejit Pillai

Strategic Communications & Sustainability

25 years of experience within APAC and Globally

“The very best, top performing and worlds most admired companies have always seen the critical importance of effective, precise and planful Communications.

This discipline commences from the very top. Interwoven and clear messaging is aligned to the end game outcomes and must be driven from the Board and the Senior Leadership Team respectively. It is in this light that QSA brings to the table as part of its integrated service offering an experienced communications advisor.”

Sreejit Pillai has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate communication specialist and journalist. In 2016, he was the Head of Corporate Communication and Corporate Responsibility at Heineken Malaysia where he was primarily responsible for change management communication, corporate sustainability and media relations for both internal and external stakeholders as the company migrated from an old legacy domestic brand to the world-famous international brand.

Before Heineken Sreejit worked for Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the US$40 billion strategic investment fund of the Government of Malaysia for nearly 5 years. As Vice President, his role included stakeholder management, annual report development, media and communication initiatives involving Khazanah’s substantial domestic and global investments. He advised numerous Khazanah investee companies on strategic communications and brand support. He was also extensively engaged in all spheres of the communication work involving Malaysia Airlines at the holding company level when Khazanah initiated airline’s massive corporate restructuring exercise in 2014.

Sreejit has also worked as an external consultant offering public relations counsel to corporations and multinational blue-chip communication agencies. His clients included Ace Jerneh Berhad, Al Rajhi Bank, Goldis Berhad, IGB Corporation, Guinness Anchor Berhad as well as e-hailing giant Grab.

Before his career in public relations and in-house corporate communication, Sreejit worked as a journalist for more than a decade. He began his career at The Star newspaper followed by CNET before venturing into broadcast journalism with Bloomberg Malaysia.

Sreejit holds a B.A. Degree (Political Science) with a Minor in French from James Madison University, Virginia USA and is also a Wolfson College Fellow (Cambridge) 2015, courtesy of the Khazanah Wolfson Press Fellowship programme. He contributed an extensively researched paper on the learnings of the MH370 crisis communications track to Wolfson College.  

Sreejit is currently founder/principal of Neruda Communications, a boutique strategic public relations agency based in Kuala Lumpur.


Anupam Prakash

Organizational Networks Analytics (ONA)

Leads Maven7’s business across India, ME and APAC

“Understanding the organisation, its various cogs that drive effectiveness, productivity, engagement and critically its vision and aspirations is key to driving performance, survivability and sustainability. To this end, organization intelligence and its innate linkage to social intelligence have become critical factors in driving success in an uncertain environment. 

Honesty and trust in the management team, open communication across all levels and the harnessing of the informal networks within the organization now make it more compelling then every for the science of organizational networks analytics to take shape.  We at QSA understand this and the need for a robust means to measure and execute on the area of network intelligence within the organization.”

Anupam Prakash leads Maven7’s business across India, ME and APAC, and is part of Maven7’s global advisory board. He has thirty years of experience across industry verticals and geographies. He is a highly regarded leader with demonstrated experience in business strategy, alliance development, managing businesses and helping global organizations in establishing and expanding their business operations in India.  

His areas of expertise include market entry, globalization, business and operating models, global sourcing, organizational & HR transformation, leadership & talent strategy.  Anupam has coached and advised CXOs of Fortune 500 and mid-market firms helping grow their business and drive change and transformation. 

His skills, that make him highly sought after by clients, include lateral thinking, challenging status quo, building a well-regarded network of long-term relationships and being able to seamlessly work with leaders from multiple cultures and backgrounds. Anupam has worked in leadership roles with best in class organizations – both national and global. 

In recent times Anupam’s work has been focused on embedding the fields of social-cum- organization intelligence into the area of Organisational Network Analytics. The impact of this on change management, culture change and transformation related engagements are immense and have been bearing positive outcomes.   

Anupam is a permanent consultant with The World Bank, has been involved in a variety of projects spanning over 30 countries. He has assisted several state and national governments with country-branding initiatives, location attractiveness strategies and skill development projects.