Our Aspiration


What We Stand For

In today’s complex world, any solution can only be conceptualised and subsequently executed and successfully delivered by ensuring that the right team is in place.


We bring the right people to challenge the status quo and concurrently deliver meaningful results. We are committed to developing capabilities for sustainable organization performance and future growth.


Together with you, we will shape the Future.

Our Core Values

What we truly believe in

Since its inception in the Steppes of Central Asia, Quantum Steppe Advisory (QSA) prides itself with the values that reflect those of its founder Taranjeet Singh. Not only do such values guide the day to day execution of advisory work that QSA engages in, but more importantly, it sets the very foundation of the mid to longer term strategies that we are intimately involved with our clients.

The regard and respect for each other is fundamental in all that we do. Embedded in this is being able to receive and offer constructive feedback; being honest and empathetic towards others. Sound, solid, lasting and fruitful relationships can only be built upon the bedrock of such values.

In the immortal worlds of John Donne, “No man is an Island, entire of itself; Every man is a piece of a Continent, a part of the Main”. At QSA, we believe that it is only by working closely, openly and positively challenging each other do we have the innate ability to create things which are significantly larger and more wide reaching than that which we can do merely by ourselves. We take pride in co-creating solutions with our Clients and/or with our Panel of Experts that truly work and in turn provide exceptional value.

At QSA, we are driven by the success of our Clients and to this end, will go the extra mile to ensure that this is achieved. In doing so, we will not only work to deliver exceptional outcomes, but concurrently, consciously strengthen the capabilities of our Clients. It is important to understand that within this, is having the strength of character and integrity to say and do the right thing as a trusted advisor. The successes of our Clients are in fact our success.

“Disruption” is the new normal. To effectively adapt and compete in this new world of constant movement and change, QSA is committed to doing things differently with and for our Clients. Challenging the status quo and working towards the crafting of breakthrough ideas is what we have been and are known for. It is only by taking bold “quantum steps” will full success be attained.

Positively impacting the Client and subsequently the very social fabric and in so doing making the world a better place to work and live in is something which we at QSA believe in. Embedded in this, is the notion of sustainable impact. Our work must have a positive bearing on not only our future but also that of our children. It is through the deep relationships that we have built and will be building in the future that we will be able to able to make a difference to others. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

Our Key Offerings

The 3 key areas of focus for QSA

Bringing nearly 200 years of collective professional experiences and wisdom to support you solutionize and execute

At QSA, we provide you with key support in the areas of

- Business Transformation

- Financial and Investment Management

- M&A and Due Diligence

- Strategic Planning and Execution

- Organizational Productivity Enhancement

- Organisation Network Analytics

The crafting of strategic plans whilst important as they are, are absolutely meaningless without the required alignment and support of the organization at large. At QSA we provide you with a variety of services ranging from

- Understanding of future centric jobs
- How these jobs ought to be duly Compensated
- Talent Pool Management
- Talent Assessment
- Curricula Design, Development and Delivery
- Professional Executive Coaching for the leadership team
- Communications

The most well thought out plans are often set up for failure if they are not pragmatically executed. To this end, QSA provides key advisory support in

- Recruitment & Selection
- Labour Law and Industrial Relations
- Career transition services to specifically cater for eventualities of right sizing interventions.
- Strategic Communications and Sustainability